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Macro Plan

Macro Plan

Each plan will be:

-Tracked through the Manifest Revolution app that is provided to each client

-Personalized plans to each client

-Weekly check-ins are required with photos and details of compliance to ensure that we are on track to your goals

-24/7 support through the app and email with your coach

-Manifestation guide to layout goals and how reach them with accountability

-Supplement guidelines

-Food guideline pdf


This is a great option for those who have an understanding of macronutrients and nutritional values. I will provide a clear outline of what macros you should consume for your daily intake and refeed days along with meal timing guidance. The macros will be tracked by you in MyFitnessPal and attached to my training app to ensure that you are meeting your daily goal. These numbers will be adjusted as needed based upon your check ins. I will be providing a full list of different food options to guide you to meet your macro intake.



Month-to-Month: $129

3 Months in Advance: $350

6 Months in Advance: $700

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