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Alyssa Blessing

In every aspect of my life, I’ve considered myself determined to give my absolute best but that doesn’t mean it’s always been easy, or that I’ve been fit and strong my whole life. My first true test came in the Marine Corps when I was 18 years old. From combat fitness tests to the crucible I knew I had to keep striving if I wanted to show that I had what it takes to hold my own in a tough, male-dominated career. But after 3 months and grueling, devoted training, I ended up graduating with top ranking in my platoon.

What I learned most about myself in that time was that I can take on anything that I set my mind to. This is something I know I can teach my clients as I work with their mindset as part of our program. We’re going beyond a simple nutrition plan or collection of workouts. I want to improve your feeling of self confidence and resilience. This mental toughness leads to success in your health and fitness goals but also sets a firm foundation you can stand on to reach for higher goals. Knowing you can do whatever you set your mind to as well.

My next challenge was stepping into the sport of bodybuilding competitions as a bikini competitor. Of all the shows in which I’ve competed in, I’ve learned that your relationship with the coach you hire is absolutely your key factor in what kind of experience you’ll have overall.

Everyone dreams of top placings and looking the best they ever have. What many people don’t consider, especially when they are new to competing, is what a massive difference the knowledge and empathy your coach has for whatever hurdle you may face in your path to getting to the stage. Whether it’s needing fuller glutes and shoulders or it’s lack of knowledge about how to eat for your specific body type or goal. I’ve had to learn the hard way that for as much as you might be invested in your goal, not every coach available for hire will be.

Because of this, I have an even greater passion for giving my absolute best to those who do come to me. Whether it’s coaching them myself or giving a piece of advice on how to find the right fit for them. I believe that we owe that to ourselves to find someone who will be the knowledgable and attentive, and suportive coach we are looking for.

The more I work with other great coaches around me, the more I learn from them. Broadening my knowledge of nutrition, body mechanics and advanced training styles, in the last year especially, has made me even more excited about what I do as a coach.

Unfortunately, many people think that the only way they can get as fit as they want is limited nutrition plans with nothing that tastes good… all chicken and broccoli. Or basic lifting workouts and hours of cardio. There’s more freedom in nutrition than you would believe! And that’s where I can teach you about flexible dieting and how to eat more than you think you can, while still making great progress toward your goals. Maybe you feel like since you have a shoulder or back injury, that you have to avoid weight lifting or just “push through it”. But that’s not the truth either.

Coaching is about hiring me to find the right path FOR YOU.
Giving you the confidence and encouragement to be strong, both mentally and physically.

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